KC Steel Plant Featured In Anti-Romney Ad

A Bully is called out by the press…

TYT: Mitt Romney’s Past “Pranks” and Meaningless Apology

Mitt Romney Bullied Gay Classmate?

Gay Student Beaten! [Video] Hate Crime?

Romney’s prep-school behavior fair game
It’s laughable for Kathleen Parker to ask if Mitt Romney’s prep-school prank (which would now be classified as a hate crime in many states) is an appropriate presidential campaign issue. [“Hero vs. bully? Let’s get real,” Opinion, May 14.]
Supporters of candidate and President Obama have had to endure years of public questioning about his ancestry, his birth place, his church, his college and law school accomplishments.
When Republicans begin treating President Obama as the legitimately elected leader of our country, instead of some political anomaly, then we’ll give candidate Romney a pass. Until that day, Romney’s mean and boorish prep-school behavior is fair game.
— Karen Knutson, Seattle


Mitt Romney, do you “know” Jesus?

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Ted Kennedy 1994 Anti-Romney ad “Eliminate the Department of Education”

Get rid of the Dept. of Education?

Mitt, we are 27th in math scores in the world!

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David Letterman’s Monologue – Romney 05-14-12

50 Years Later We Laugh at “Pranks”

How many “victims” ended up in therapy?

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Jon Stewart Pokes Fun at Us, the Geeks

Yes, senior citizens can be geeks!

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Mitt Romney’s Teen Years: A Time of Homosexual Panic in America

Michelangelo Signorile

Editor-at-large, HuffPost Gay Voices; SiriusXM radio host

Whether or not what Mitt Romney did as a teenagermatters now, the way some conservatives are defending him, you’d think homosexuals didn’t exist until Halston, Calvin Klein, and Liza were discovered dancing at Studio 54 circa 1978.

“For those to the premises more recently arrived, a quick primer on 1965, when this occurred,” wrotesyndicated columnist Kathleen Parker, responding to critics who’ve described Romney’s forcible cutting of the dyed-blond hair of a nonconforming student as anti-gay bullying. “Nobody knew who was or wasn’t ‘gay,’ a word that wasn’t yet in popular circulation as a noun and generally meant ‘merry.’ Homosexuality wasn’t on most high-school kids’ radar, period. If anything, Romney may not have liked Lauber’s ‘hippie’ locks, which is the more likely case given the era.” FULL ARTICLE

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Mitt Romney: Job Creator or JOB KILLER?

Mitt Romney‘s successful ability is taking over companies, make them more saleable through layoffs AND THEN SELL THOSE COMPANIES AND WALK AWAY.  Don’t let amnesia overtake you.  Remember: ROMNEY HAS NO EXPERIENCE CREATING MILLIONS OF JOBS. And, Congress must pass THE AMERICAN JOBS ACT. [The Congressional Budget Office said that this Obama bill will create millions of  jobs.  Republicans will not vote for this bill as part of their War to Tale Back the Whitehouse.  We don’t need another Bush in the Oval Office.]