That Boy’s Got No Core

That Boy’s Cayman Island Bound!

John Travolta’s Allegedly Gay Penis: A History


After decades of rumored gay bath house orgies and Scientology “cures,” John Travolta‘s sex life is back in the news withsexual battery charges from a pair of male masseurs. Running parallel to the story of John Travolta’s rise to fame is the story of his allegedly gay penis’ rise to infamy. Now presenting John Travolta: A Portrait of the Actor as the Sum of His Gay Rumors.

Barbarino on how to loosen up & feel who you are 1977


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Why Would The World’s Biggest Movie Star Arrange Gay Dates Through a Madam?


Will Smith, Superstar Actor

A rumor circulated on Friday that most-popular-actor-in-the-world Will Smith once employed the services of a discreet Hollywood madam. A madam who supplied him with men. The Will Smith gay rumors have been tossed around for years, his entree into professional closet-locker religion Scientology the latest to fuel the whispers. But this particular tidbit? We’re not so sure about it. Why would Smith bother to create a paper trail like this? I mean, as the whole Heidi Fleiss fiasco proved, Hollywood stars are willing to drop major coin at a high-class brothel. But those were just chucklehead straight dudes like Charlie Sheen. No one was really shocked. In this instance, though, we’re talking about Will Smith. Lady-wooing, ass-kicking, humanity-saving Will Smith. It would be much easier for him to discreetly pick up a fella at a club or, heck, even find someone online than it would be to involve the whole middleman of a bordello.  FULL POST

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What the New Testament Says about Homosexuality

from Westar‘s membership magazine—The Fourth R 21,3 (May-June 2008)

William O. Walker, Jr.

Mainline Christian denominations in this country are bitterly divided over the question of homosexuality. For this reason it is important to ask what light, if any, the New Testament sheds on this controversial issue. Most people apparently assume that the New Testament expresses strong opposition to homosexuality, but this simply is not the case. The six propositions that follow, considered cumulatively, lead to the conclusion that the New Testament does not provide any direct guidance for understanding and making judgments about homosexuality in the modern world.

Proposition 1: Strictly speaking, the New Testament says nothing at allabout homosexuality.
There is not a single Greek word or phrase in the entire New Testament that should be translated into English as “homosexual” or “homosexuality.” In fact, the very notion of “homosexuality”—like that of “heterosexuality,” “bisexuality,” and even “sexual orientation”—is essentially a modern concept that would simply have been unintelligible to the New Testament writers. The word “homosexuality” came into use only in the latter part of the nineteenth century, and, as New Testament scholar Victor Paul Furnish notes, it and related terms “presume an understanding of human sexuality that was possible only with the advent of modern psychological and sociological analysis.” In other words, “The ancient writers . . . were operating without the vaguest conception of what we have learned to call ‘sexual orientation’.”1 (In the rest of this article I shall use the terms “homosexual” and “homosexuality” strictly for the sake of convenience.)


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