Will Smith, Superstar Actor

A rumor circulated on Friday that most-popular-actor-in-the-world Will Smith once employed the services of a discreet Hollywood madam. A madam who supplied him with men. The Will Smith gay rumors have been tossed around for years, his entree into professional closet-locker religion Scientology the latest to fuel the whispers. But this particular tidbit? We’re not so sure about it. Why would Smith bother to create a paper trail like this? I mean, as the whole Heidi Fleiss fiasco proved, Hollywood stars are willing to drop major coin at a high-class brothel. But those were just chucklehead straight dudes like Charlie Sheen. No one was really shocked. In this instance, though, we’re talking about Will Smith. Lady-wooing, ass-kicking, humanity-saving Will Smith. It would be much easier for him to discreetly pick up a fella at a club or, heck, even find someone online than it would be to involve the whole middleman of a bordello.  FULL POST

Will Smith in September 2009

Will Smith in September 2009 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)