Oh, Corey… What Have You Done?

I began the day by posting a video in which Mayor Corey Booker of Newark, NJ spoke in favor of same-sex marriage. Having missed “Meet the Press” yesterday, I was unaware of the story of the day. Corey Booker, a Obama surrogate,” expressed his personal frustrations instead of delivering the surrogate notes which he had.  The Mayor said that he was nauseated by the attacks on Bain Capital.  Gov. Romney puts himself out their as a job creator and that his 25 years at Bain Capital qualify him as a job creator.  The Obama Campaign is making it clear that Romney did not create 100,000 jobs or 10,000 jobs (It changes from day-to-day.)  Mitt Romney is trying to duck questions about Bain Capital, refuses to go on any TV program not on the GOP‘s FoxNews Network. Well, Mayor Corey Booker has walked back his passionate  statement and issued this YouTube video:

The Romney campaign was quick to capitalize on the Bain back-and-forth with this video: