“Hail to the Chief!”

This may be odd timing, but, I want to give a shout out to our President Barack Obama.  He has earned a place in the history books.  It is regrettable that  needed reforms and his vision for a new way of governance have been mired by the extraordinary task of cleaning up the mess left by Republican President George W. Bush after his eight years in the Whitehouse.  After three years or more, one unfunded war has been concluded and combat in another has been scheduled end next year.  The economy is slowly improving but, the “job creators” that Speaker John Boehner likes to say, are still holding back on expanding their businesses to put a dent in the millions of jobs we need.

Republicans in Congress must be pleased with the war they have waged on the President. George W. Bush was given two terms to be president.  However, Sen. Mitch McConnell, Speaker John Boehner and House Majority Leader Eric Cantor have delighted in throwing roadblocks in Barack Obama’s arduous path to success.  They want to make it seem that a black man cannot run the government of The United States.  Everyday Barack Obama girds his loins, puts on his boots and jumps back into the fray.  He strives to do good while dark forces conspire against him.  However, I think voters are seeing that Mitt Romney has no specific solutions to our problems.  He promises a future that no president has the power to get. Romney’s broad statements might sound inviting, but, we no longer believe that Mitt Romney is credible. The label, “Etcha-Sketch President, sticks to him. A vote for Romney is dangerous.  So, I tip my hat to salute Barack H. Obama, President of the United States of America!