Democrats & Independents: Small Donations ADD UP!

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We’re Waiting, Bill (Fox News)

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TYT: White House Approves Arctic Drilling


“The White House is going to go ahead and give the go ahead to Shell Oil to drill in the fragile extremes of the Arctic” Desi Doyen (Brad Blog’s Green News Report) and Cenk Ugyur discuss this disappointing decision by President Obama’s administration.Follow Cenk on Twitter:
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Mashed Potato Bulletin

In a truly unexpected 5-4 decision with Chief Justice Roberts leading the way the Supreme Court ruled President Obama’s Affordable Care Act, and its hotly contested individual mandate, was indeed constitutional. While the last 2 years were filled with court challenges and rampant questionable claims over the bill’s intent, the administration and the Democrats need to decide what to do now. Mitt Romney and the Republican Party have already taken up a steadfast “repeal and replace” position. But what about the Democrats? Now that the constitutionality of the law is no longer in question, they have what amounts to a second chance to wrest control of the conversation from the GOP and tell the voting public what is actually in the bill. 

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Harry Richman – Puttin’ On The Ritz 1930 Irving Berlin Songs

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Steamboat Stomp — Jelly Roll Morton’s Red Hot Peppers 1926


Democrats & Independents: Small Donations ADD UP!

Have you donated today?

The President’s Record on Health Care

Obama Biden



I’m almost always optimistic.

But this year, one thing’s sure to turn my mood dour: The nightmarish thought of Republicans winning the presidency or more of our Democratic governorships.

It’ll be reality if we don’t snap out of it. Scott Walker‘s escape in Wisconsin should serve as a lesson. They’ll win when they outspend us 10-to-1.

All across the map they’re going to let the Super PAC money fly, folks. The Kochs and Karl Rove will spend hand over fist to beat President Obama and our Democratic governors.

We’ve been warned — now we’ve gotta fight back. Our country desperately needs Democratic leadership. Give what you can right now to help the DGA meet its end-of-quarter goal. They have just $32,640 left to get there.

With one day left, you have to give now for us to win.

Give $3 or more right now — by June 30 — to help the DGA re-elect President Obama and defend our eight states with Democratic governors. We can’t afford the GOP’s failed, radical policies.

In all eight states where we’re protecting governorships, we can win. No doubt about it.

And we have to. It’s the only way to protect middle-class families from taking the hit for billionaires’ tax breaks. It’s how we’ll make gains in education and job training programs, and protect women and voters from attack.

Make no mistake: It’s going to be hard. New Hampshire, North Carolina and Washington — these are critical swing states. The polls show we’re either tied or right around the margin of error. These puppies are close.

So we’ve all got to come together right now. A drop at a time will fill a bucket. That means anything you can give will make a difference.

We’ve won close elections in tough places — like Kentucky and West Virginia — so I know we can do it. But everyone has to help. We still need $32,640 by June 30 to have what we need to go forward. There’s just one day left. Will you give now?

Click here to donate $3 or more to help the DGA re-elect President Obama and hold our governorships.

Take a stand, now, before the deadline. So much is riding on it.


Paul Begala