Wake Up, America! Big Money & Republicans Are Taking Democracy Out of Our Electoral Process

Did you watch a postmortem of the re-call election in Wisconsin?  It has been clearly illustrated just how powerful Big Money is thanks to Citizens United.  How do Democrats hope to win in the future? Will you now get involved in the political process?  They may have billions of dollars for TV commercials that distort the truth and tell outright lies. But, we have God on our side! The Republican Primary Campaign has been a season of lies.  It is like they have abandoned God!  They think that if they lie and don’t suffer defeat or lie and don’t get caught or lie until you have to walk-it-back to the truth, they can avoid the final consequence:

Bible: “All liars will have a place in the lake

that burns with fire and brimstone.”

Republicans have:

  • Taken over state legislatures where they refuse to let Democrats speak.
  • Signed into law the work product of a corrupt legislative process.
  • Waged a “War on Women” attempting to roll-back their gains in civil rights, reproductive rights and the right to make decisions about their very bodies.
  • Distorted traditional thought about the separation of church and state.
  • Started a slow process to reverse Roe vs Wade.
  • Refused to vote “yes” on “equal pay for equal work” which would benefit women.
  • Refused to give the civil rights they enjoy to gay people.
  • Appointed Supreme Court Justices who flaunt tradition and the law to support Republican causes.
  • Given us the most wide-ranging and evil institution: The unbridled SuperPac.
  • Attempted to pass laws which define “life” and when it begins.
  • Attempted to roll-back gains made in racial integration.
  • Used one state’s lingering racism to win a primary election.
  • Attempted to restrict access to contraception.
  • Rolled back the power of labor unions because they give financial support to Democrats.
  • Attempted to change school textbooks omitting the factual history of slavery in America.
  • Used federal stimulus money to balance state budgets.
  • Waged a war on Barack Obama to discredit and enfeeble our first black president and deny him the customary second term.  This war has been sure and unrelenting…and ugly!
  • Called the President ‘a liar’ in the sacred well of the House on international television.

I suspect that if you were to ask your Republican friends if this list embarrasses them, they would boldly say, “No”!  How can the world consider us an exceptional nation when our politics are as dirty the ones we fight and try to overthrow?  —GoodOleWoody