Ezra Klein Lifts the Veil from Our Eyes! We Could Improve the Economy Tomorrow, If Only Republicans Would Act!

Ladies, is your husband unemployed?  Kids, do you know why daddy is home all day and has time to play with you?  Millions of mommies and daddies are home each day BECAUSE THEY HAVE NO JOBS.  In the following TRMS video clip, economics wonk, Ezra Klein, reveals how Republicans are deliberately maintaining a bad economy which they could fix tomorrow:

So, you see?  If Speaker John Boehner in the House and Minority Leader Mitch McConnell in the Senate would pass the several jobs programs, especially those re: government jobs, we could improve our economy and restore faith in the global economy.  Must we meekly depend upon what Germany will do and thereby determine our fate? Democrats must become indignant, protest and force Congress to pass jobs bills which would allow President Obama to “create” FEDERAL JOBS and the states to “create” jobs through federal funding. If Republicans resist us and continue our suffering, then we’ll “kick the bums out” in November! Republicans are playing a dangerous game. We all know that a super-activated Democratic grassroots front would achieve the reforms we sorely need. So, now, how mad are you? All you have to do is do a Google search and choose which grassroots organization to hook up with. —GoodOleWoody