America has “Mad Elephant Disease”

It has gone unreported, but, in secret, the Republican Party has devised a plan to work in concert to corrupt our system of government.  They installed sympathetic justices in US Supreme Court.  They elected enough GOP candidates to wrest control of state legislatures and governors. Using the filibuster and sheer numbers, Republicans effective control of both houses of Congress.  They have installed gridlock which has given us a do-nothing Congress lasting for decades. Heaven knows what is going on on the local level.  There are talking points for every actor to recite on the stump and on TV.  Radio? Republicans in the Supreme Court gave us the decision: Citizens United vs FEC. That decision is bearing rotten fruit in allowing secret and unregulated millions of dollars (SuperPacs) to win the Whitehouse and to control all levels of government in America. We witness the realization that “money is the root of all evil.”   Just what is their vision of a United States controlled by one party?

The one whose name must not be spoken.

Did not this scenario happen in Germany in recent memory? Thousands of American boys and girls died to free the German people et als from the most evil head of government history has  ever known.  Do the Republicans have a charismatic leader waiting in the wings to assume power if and when Republicans rule the land.  While Americans and their Allies removed Germany’s dictator from power, no military force could exterminate the evil thinking and goals that brought that evil one to power.  Could this feared Republican(?) leader be the Antichrist described in The Bible?  Christians know that the Antichrist is coming…and soon.  At the height of his global power,  Iran, Russia and China will lead a war on Israel.  This will occur at the time when  God finally sends His Son, Jesus Christ back to earth to triumph over evil and take his brothers and sisters in Christ to Heaven.  We cannot change the plans of God, but, we can fight to loosen the noose and shackles of the misguided Republican Party. Brothers and sisters, we all must vote a straight Democratic ticket in every election on November 6, 2012!  See you at the polls!


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