Former Rep. Bob Walker Defends Racism on Daily Rundown (MSNBC)

Former Rep. Bob Walker (R-PA) appeared on Chuck Todd‘s news show, “Daily RunDown” (MSNBC) this morning and defended Newt Gingrich‘s racist comments on the Palestinian people. He and Newt feel that it is so important to “out” the Palestinians as Arabs.  Chuck Todd tried to get Walker to realize that all of our labels are manmade and to question who gets to decide which and when labels are applicable…and just.  Walker went on with his mission to justify Newt Gingrich’s insult that said the Palestinians are an “invented people.”  Here we go, again.  Republicans delight in trying to be the arbiters of right and wrong.  They reserve all judgments to themselves and, even, ignore the will of Republicans who might support them.  They will lose in November 2012.  The American people have had enough of racism.

 and refusing to pass laws that will create jobs and reform and revitalize our economy. The 14 million unemployed Americans will vote to re-elect Barack Obama as President of the United States.