Republicans Try to Punish Barack Obama for Being the First Black President

(NEWSER) – What happened inside a Missoula, Montana, GOP convention this weekend—including a Newt Gingrich speech—was overshadowed by what turned up outside: an outhouse marked “Obama Presidential Library” and covered in painted-on bullet holes. The outhouse contained a fake Obama birth certificate that was stamped “bullsh**,” as well as graffiti saying, “For a good time, call Michelle,” whose name was crossed out, then “Hillary,” crossed out again, and finally, “Pelosi,” in a red circle.

It’s not clear who was responsible for the outhouse, which had appeared earlier in a local parade. It was “a sideshow,” said the state’s GOP chair, who noted that he didn’t know where it came from. But “it’s not something I’m going to agonize over,” he tells the Helena Independent Record. “Some of that stuff is not real good taste. We do have a president of the United States, and we have to honor that.” Click through for an image of the outhouse.


Throughout the GOP primary I have written  out about how ugly Republicans can be and without shame or remorse.  These people are earning a place in Hell! Sen. Mitch McConnell (who is running for re-election in Kentucky) is the leader of a movement to using gridlock and inaction in The Congress to punish Barack Obama for daring to become the first black President of the United states.  I keep showing the following video because Sen. Mitch McConnell should not be re-elected:


Oh, BTW, do you agree that members of Congress should not be paid if they continue to be a “do-nothing Congress?” Yes? Check out No Labels.

Official portrait of United States Senator (R-KY)

Official portrait of United States Senator (R-KY) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)