The Harmonians, Irving Kaufman vocal – Where’d You Get Those Eyes (1927)

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Mashed Potato Bulletin

This chart shows the share of all contributions given by the top ten donors to super PACs still active in the 2012 election, through May 31. Some corporations are affiliated with individual donors, such as the Contran Corporation, which is owned by Harold Simmons.

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Democrats & Independents: Small Donations ADD UP!

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John King And Donna Brazile On Mitt Romney Avoiding The Tough Questions

The GOP Primaries showed us that sad state of politics in America.  They grudgingly produced a default candidate who is so afraid of looking foolish that he avoids questions from the press. And, if does have plans for America, Mitt Romney thinks that the electorate is so stupid they would vote for a mute candidate who keeps all his ‘plans’ SECRET.  Is Mitt Romney a know-nothing candidate for the presidency of the United States?  I can remember no candidate, in my experience, conduct a campaign like Mitt Romney is doing: ‘I am MItt Romney running for President.  I am very rich in spite of a checkered history.  I look presidential.  Vote for me.  I will tell you how I will solve America’s problems AFTER YOU ELECT ME.”  How about it, voters? –GoodOleWoody

Stand with Barack Obama. He is moving the middle-class FORWARD!

NOVEMBER 6, 2012



While we wait for the SCOTUS decision, Stephen Colbert Delivers Humor

Boy Scouts’ Motto: Be Prepared.

Something is seriously wrong with Gov. Jan Brewer of Arizona



The Gaffe Reels: Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer: what “we have did”