Chief Justice John Roberts

I remember the 1950s when I learned about the US Supreme Court, how it worked and why we should respect the Court as an honorable institution.  My respect was enhanced greatly when the Court struck-down laws which maintained segregation of the races.  No longer did I have to ride at the back of the bus or on a crowded bus, give my seat to a white man (me, a young black child).  I remember my sainted Mother pulling me out my seat so white people could sit.  She was a domestic who cleaned their houses and was forced to live longer than I had under segregation.  I was even given an interview for becoming a cadet for the Air Force Academy. I was eligible to go to the recently integrated local university, but, my Father said, “No.”  That university later offered me a masters scholarship at Simmons College in Boston.

Yes, by siding with the liberal Justices, Chief Justice Roberts ruled “Obamacare” (no longer a derisive term) a Constitutional law.  Many of us have already begun to receive benefits under “Obamacare” and we look forward to President Obama rolling out a PR campaign on TV to make understanding of that law widespread. Wow! Millions of dollars  have been spent to defeat “Obamacare”. But a majority in the US Supreme Court has ruled “Obamacare” constitutional.  Many of us hope that this salutary ruling is evidence of the Roberts Court asserting itself as non-conservative for the sake of being conservative.  Chief Justice Roberts has earned his place in history.  God make him a legend who will deliver us from the evils which remain in our exceptional country. Hip! Hip! Hooray!                              —GoodOleWoody

Healthcare USA, after Anton Bruehl

Healthcare USA, after Anton Bruehl (Photo credit: Mike Licht, NotionsCapital.com)