Mitt Romney Speaks to NAACP

Mitt Romney is speaking to the NAACP. The audience has been polite as he droned on with his usual campaign rhetoric sprinkled with “chocolate” to seem relevant. Romney said that he would reform education with more charter schools.  He did not mention his big dollar donors, the Koch Brothers, who are fighting integration in schools in North Carolina. (See my earlier post.) Mitt Romney said he would support “traditional marriage” unashamed by his pandering.  When he said he would support repealing of “Obamacare“, Romney received a chorus of boos. He also said he would rid the government of every non-essential federal program.  He must have been referring to his adoption of the Paul Ryan Budget where there are severe cuts to social programs like Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security. Mr. Romney did not speak of jobs or how he would specifically lift the black community out of  historical poverty.  This was not a great speech and, IMHO, he did not convince any blacks to give him their vote.

The speech just ended.  Analysis by pundits on CNN was lukewarm.   —GoodOleWoody