Oh, Stephen Colbert! How I missed your comedy!

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Mitt Romney, a Message from the People

John Sanunu, give your guy, Romney, lessons on how to be an American.

He’s never had the common touch.

Daily Show: Jon Stewart Returns with John Oliver for a timely, comedy romp!

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Republicans Want Romney’s Tax Returns Too


Thinking Out Loud

We tend to forget that in the context of the larger narrative, the story of Elijah and the prophets of Baal wasn’t so much about fire as it was about rain. The demonstration of God’s power occurred not so much in the fire that consumed the altar, but in a little cloud that appeared on the horizon.

Much of the United States and Canada is urgently in need of rain.

I’m amazed at how many people I know who simply don’t watch the evening news; on broadcast television or online. They go to the grocery store, and fill large carts with produce while shopping in air-conditioned comfort, oblivious to how those fruits and vegetables got there.

We need to pray for rain.

Crops are dying in the field, cattle are going hungry. Unless we get a good hard, soaking rain; our local food supply is going to disappear. This is…

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Libby Holman – Am I Blue (1929)


Obama for America TV Ad: “Makes You Wonder”

Disaster Looms in the Arctic. Pitch in and sign a protest to Barack Obama.

Shell Oil is supposed to start drilling in the Polar Bear Seas of America’s Arctic in a matter of weeks.

But over the last two weeks, Shell has fessed up that they can’t meet the air pollution reductions they agreed to, the Coast Guard found Shell’s clean-up barge inadequate, and this weekend a Shell drill ship came dangerously close to running aground on its way to the Arctic.

Tell the Obama administration not to ignore such obvious warning signs. It’s more apparent than ever that we can’t trust Shell to drill safely in the Polar Bear Seas.

Shell has been trying for months to get approval to drill in the Arctic this summer. To get the permits, Shell made promises about the kinds of equipment they would use to reduce air pollution and clean up a potential spill. But now, with just a few days left before they want to start drilling, they’ve admitted that their equipment isn’t up to par – and they have no way to fix it before they start drilling.

We’ve been telling the Obama administration for months that Shell can’t be trusted in the Arctic. The administration needs to hear your voice now more than ever.

Just this weekend, a Shell drill ship headed to the Polar Bear Seas almost ran aground while moored in Dutch Harbor, Alaska. 35 mph winds pushed the vessel within feet of the shore. What would happen if the ship met the gale-force winds and 25-foot waves of the Polar Bear Seas?

Shell is still trying to convince government agencies that what they have is good enough, even though it’s not what they agreed on – and it’s clear that Shell is not ready for a disaster. Shell wants us to trust them.

Do you trust Shell? Me neither. And the Obama administration shouldn’t either.

Tell the Obama administration that we can’t afford to just trust Shell.

Thank you for everything you do for our environment,

Dan Ritzman
Sierra Club Arctic Campaign Director

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Believe it or not, there are righteous people trying to change Washington. Check it out!


Why would “big money” Sheldon Adelson inject himself (and his $5million dollars) into a state election?

Fore years we have thought that members of Congress were bought. Now we learn that super casino owner, Sheldon Adelson, might be donating $5 million dollars to the re-election campaign of Eric Cantor, a fellow Jew. Eric Cantor (R-VA) is Majority Leader of the US House of Representatives and marshals the force of the Tea Party which keeps churning out legislation that has no chance of being passed by the Democrat controlled US Senate. I must note that the Minority Leader of the US Senate, Mitch McConnell (R-KY).  (Will another piggy bank drop for him?) uses the filabuster to block legislation.  Just what are Sheldon Adelson, the Koch Bros., et als “buying” by using their “big money” to pay for the campaigns of the Republican leaders in Congress and Mitt Romney? Can you spell i-n-f-l-u-e-n-c-e? Regrettably, we are not privy to the discussions Republicans have in their “quiet rooms,”  But, we simple people know they are buying power over those charged with conducting “the people’s business,” making laws that control us every day and decide our future in the world. We elect members of Congress and send them to Washington, where Republicans immediately pledge allegiance to the shadowy lobbyist Grover Norquist. [Google him to read about his power over Congress on tax matters.] Norquist’s distinction is due to his lifelong, anti-tax pledges which are signed in blood, as it were.  Our Forefathers would find  things as they are in  the Congress disgusting, like a festering boil on the butt of the nation.

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