America Can’t Take a Risk on a CLOWN PRESIDENT!

Republicans have whittled down their choices to having to run Mitt Romney for President although they DO NOT like him, approve of or respect as a conservative.  Williard Mitt Romney was simply the last man standing. But then, why are 17 rich white men trying to buy the election for Romney?  ANSWER:  They see Mitt Romney as the clown he is.  Romney has no core according to fellow Republican, Rick Santorum, who also said, Mitt Romney is the last man to run against Barack Obama.”  These 17 “Big Money Donors” see that Mitt Romney – who has no core – also has no spine.  He bends with the wind. Powerful Republicans are pulling him this way and that way.  They see that it would be easy to use the might of their “unlimited campaign contributions” to purchase enough   negative political ads to pull the wool over the eyes of low-political-knowledge voters and win the election (so they think) for our first CLOWN PRESIDENT, the first US President who would be completely under the control of 17 wealthy white men who have their own agenda… which does not favor the best interests of the middle-class or the poor.  Romney is now pitching to the middle-class and the poor like he just found religion.  We, too, recognize a clown when we see one!

Mitt Romney has released one tax return while his father released 12 when he ran for president.  Romney says, ‘I have released all the documents the law requires.’ Common sense says that he won’t release the last eight to ten tax returns because they contain information so disgusting that he would ensure his losing the election.  This clown thinks that he can run for the highest office in the land by observing the “spirit of the law” only.  This speaks volumes about how a Romney presidency would operate. (God forbid!) Mitt Romney has been running a campaign consisting mostly of criticisms of President Obama but offers no solutions of his own and reasons why his ideas would work.  Although he has hired experienced men like Ed Gillespie and Dan Senor, Mitt Romney cannot convince us that he is not the poster boy for the TOP1%.  Remember them?  They are the class of Americans who include the job creators,millionaires and billionaires.  Republicans keep saying that they must protect the job creators, even though the “job creators” have failed America.  The job creators received federal benefits to send our jobs to foreign countries where wages are cheaper and corporate taxes are lower.  The job creators received these Bush Tax Cuts in exchange for the promise that they would create domestic jobs.  They took the money and have produced no jobs for millions of unemployed Americans!  Under the leadership of Sen. Mitch McConnell, they have established a do-nothing Congress that hopes this tactic will when the Whitehouse for them in November.  They say, ‘damn how much the people suffer while they seek political advantage.’  They depend on Mitt Romney being a Clown President (God forbid!) who will go along with the agenda of the 17 billionaires who are buying the election for him…I mean, “them!”  What assurances has Mitt Romney given to these mere 17 rich white men that as president, he will sell us all down the river?

Mitt Romney cannot be allowed to win in November!  We must not give our country to a clown and his party who would sell our futures away for money, which is, of course, “the root of all evil.”  Don’t vote for the false prophet, Mitt Romney. Don’t be fooled by packaging and rhetoric.  A clown is a clown. VOTE TO RE-ELECT BARACK OBAMA TO A SECOND TERM. VOTE THE TEA PARTY OUT OF OFFICE! NEVER FORGET THAT GOD IS ON OUR SIDE!   —GoodOleWoody

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