Over the weekend Mitt Romney was asked about paying taxes. He replied, “I pay taxes. I pay lots of taxes.” I’m sure that he does. He owns several elite properties around the country. The taxes on them are substantial. When he buys things, I expect the sales tax on those items are rather hefty. I can’t imagine him buying inexpensive stuff.

The question should be: “Did you pay income taxes in each of the last ten years? If so, how much did you pay?”

When Romney is vetting his potential running mates, I’ll bet that he is asking those questions, and demanding answers. Shouldn’t we expect the same from the man who is hoping to lead our nation?



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  1. That is an excellent point my friend. I have no doubt that he pays a lot of taxes. However, we still would like him to reveal his tax returns so we can decide for ourselves whether he cheated. The fact that he hid money off shore is an indication that he hates paying taxes. This could also means that he is all about Mitt..

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