Day: August 13, 2012

I just love this dog!


Helen Kane – Aba Daba Honeymoon (1951)


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With the George Siravo orchestra. Helen Kane is best known as the “boop-boop-a-doop” girl of the 1920’s who provided the inspiration for the character of Betty Boop. This song was originally a #1 hit in October 1914 for Arthur Collins and Byron Harlan. After being featured in the 1950 movie, “Two Weeks with Love“, it became a hit all over again. It charted at #3 for Debbie Reynolds & Carleton Carpenter (who sang it in the movie) in February 1951, #9 for Richard Hayes and Kitty Kallen in March 1951, #12 for Freddy Martin and His Orchestra in March 1951, #19 for Cliff Steward & the San Francisco Boys in April 1951 and #23 for Hoagy Carmichael & Cass Daley in April 1951.

It’s kind of fitting that Helen recorded a song which became a hit for Debbie Reynolds since Debbie played her in the 1950 movie, “Three Little Words”. Debbie lip synced Helen’s signature song, “I Wanna Be Loved by You” in the film.

Original Billboard review: “… it’s the ork that takes top honors. Miss Kane’s strident chant could intrigue the moppets, but the disk won’t offer too much pop competition for earlier and stronger waxings.” Overall Billboard rating: 70 out of 100.

Written by Arthur Fields and Walter Donovan.

The other side of this record is “Hug Me! Kiss Me! Love Me!”.


Caption? “Blockhead meets Blockhead”?


Arianna Huffington announces a leap in social media:


What’s this? CNN and Fox are in cahoots with the Mitt Romney? Looks Like Our Media Is Failing Us!


The Media Helps Mitt Romney Use Paul Ryan To Change The Debate
After Mitt Romney asked that his controversial tenure at Bain Capital and his lack of transparency concerning his tax returns be off limits during the rest of the presidential campaign, Fox News and CNN helped to change the debate away from these issues following the announcement that Congressman Paul Ryan would be his running mateMore [Media Matters for America]

Say, is George Bush SECRETLY pulling the strings behind the Romney-Ryan Ticket?

Trickle-down only works for the rain!

The GOP have deliberately shut the floodgates of jobs and opportunity for 12 years!  They keep criticizing Barack Obama’s success while, also, being his greatest obstruction!



At 42 y/o Is Paul Ryan in Touch with Seniors? Those Who Pioneered his Rise to Celebrity?

Paul Ryan tacitly agrees to let Mitt Romney co-opt his ideas.  You see, Mitt Romney has no core!

Mitt Romney’s announcing Paul Ryan as “our next president” is more than a freudian slip.

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