ROMNEY-RYAN: A Reason to Worry 1

Ending Medicare as we know it
Romney and Ryan are committed to a plan that would end
Medicare as we know it. They would create a voucher system
that would increase seniors’ health costs. Ryan even
proposed a plan, which Romney endorsed, that would increase
costs for seniors by $6,350 a year. To cover for their own
plan, they have been distorting the President’s record.
They have labeled the $700 billion that Obamacare saved
from trimming excessive payments to corporate insurance
companies as “Medicare cuts.” That’s false, as Paul Ryan
should know — he includes these savings in his own budget.

One comment

  1. If one continues blindly follow as listen to BARACK spin
    out his endless nonsense / then every american be but
    treated as the ISRAELI govt treating palestinians where
    having no rights / gradually deprived of all basic needs.

    While ISRAEL ever increases in size building ever more
    as ever expanding ever more ISRAELI settlements upon
    palestinian land // while palestinians ever forced into an
    smaller area as deprived of lifes basic needs of survival.

    BARACK be a political fraudster whom but dividing the
    nation /whom uses cunning as malice in gain of power.
    Rather than protecting the rights of people he stripped
    them of the few rights left remaining. Rather than unite
    nation his power gained by division / a ancient western
    tactical ploy of divide and conquer he uses against his
    own / promises / promises / promises / which but prove
    false as empty / as be his heart / empty of compassion.

    While the mind seek worldly power at any cost even if
    it bring the destruction of a USA / once a great nation
    reduced now to political corruption / on a scale that in
    having not seen since that which brought the falling of
    the Roman Empire. Individuals drunk on worldly power
    the purpose of domestic law of international law being
    forgotten // that govt being the servant of the people’s
    but long forgotten / a few having through corruption as
    fear use their wealth making themselves master of the
    many / commanding as own an 24 / 7 media that spins
    out nought but endless political deceitful brainwashing.

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