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It’s a Good Thing Paul Ryan Has Big Muscles!

Mitt Romney: A Liar Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow!

Choose a Presidential Candidate with Honor

PAUL RYAN ON ROMNEY BUDGET: “We haven’t run the numbers.”

In a forth coming interview Brit Hume will force Paul Ryan to become defensive and try to ignore all his work and fame coming from “The Ryan Budget” and say that he now supports the so-called “Romney Budget,”  which Ezra Klein calls, “A Fantasy.” Note: When asked for specifics on a proposed GOP budget, both Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan immediately turn the conversation away from their secret agenda and mouth criticisms of Barack Obama caused by the GOP war on the President.  When the Congressional Budget Office asked Paul Ryan for specifics, he had the temerity to say, “Trust me.” [Ryan is chairman of the House Budget Committee.]

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Arianna Huffington announces a leap in social media:


Joe Biden racist Gaffe ‘Going to Put Y’all Back in Chains’

I AM INCENSED!  “Morning Joe” (MSNBC) led with this video with host Joe Scarborough fanning the flames of racism.  He had black MSNBC contributor, Jonathan Capehart, on the panel to spar with.  Jonathan spoke well, as usual, denouncing that Biden made a racist statement.  Joe relented. MITT ROMNEYis financed by forces that want to roll back current regulations in business.

Joe Scarborough

Those who finance the SuperPacs want to make money regardless of how they affect our health and safety and what some industries do to the environment.  If we don’t break up the big banks or enforce regulations, they will roll back the gains Elizabeth Warren (running for Senate in MA) made for consumers in the use of credit cards.  We would have more corruptions like the housing crisis and banks operating like casinos, e.g., Chase Bank.  As a black, I say, “Morning Joe” followed the slow news week’s calling out someone as “playing the race card.”  If we elect Mitt Romney, Big Money, Big Oil, The Top 1%, et als, WILL ENSLAVE US ALL AND CHAIN ALL RACES WITH THE PAUL RYAN CONCEPT OF GOVERNMENT(i.e., Ayn Rand‘s theory of worshiping the rich and letting the poor be damned). I say to whites, blacks, Latinos, Asians, etc., DON’T LET THEM PUT CHAINS ON YOU. RE-ELECT PRESIDENT OBAMA ON NOVEMBER 6, 2012!

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Syria: The War Within: Washing Away the Blood


“You cannot show our faces on television – you can’t reveal what we are doing here,” one doctor told me.

Two children under five years of age were dead and another – barely alive – had been sent to Turkey in a battered old car. Seven adults were seriously wounded. The hysteria of wailing relatives and children was now gone. The uncomfortable silence was deafening.

The stark reality echoing now in my mind as I write this a week later is that it was nothing unusual – it just happened to be caught on our camera.

Daily trauma

For months we have known about the medics wanting their work to be kept secret for fear they will be targeted in the same way that a rebel fighter could expect.

It had been one snapshot in the chain of daily trauma, the aftermath of what we all hear referred to as “indiscriminate shelling”. The shells from long-range artillery had landed on a village near al-Atarib this time.

A two-year-old boy was lying lifeless on one of two beds in the tiny, ill-equipped emergency room.

The doctors had moved on to another patient after at least ten minutes of CPR, the hand pumped respirator now at work elsewhere.

The toddler’s mother was being restrained in the other bed as a nurse applied bandages to her face. On the floor were injured men and women being checked over in some sort of triage process. And outside this claustrophobic mayhem on the reception room floor, another young child took his final breath.

I have no doubt that no one crammed into those 60 minutes of excruciating attempts to save lives could be described as a revolutionary. They were all civilians. And nobody wanted to talk about freedom or human rights.

There was just a question barked in my direction: “Where is the help that the outside world keeps promising?” Or words to that effect…”  ENTIRE ARTICLE

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The Daily Show Reveals Romney Adopted Paul Ryan’s Budget Without Comparing It to His Own