Joe Biden racist Gaffe ‘Going to Put Y’all Back in Chains’

I AM INCENSED!  “Morning Joe” (MSNBC) led with this video with host Joe Scarborough fanning the flames of racism.  He had black MSNBC contributor, Jonathan Capehart, on the panel to spar with.  Jonathan spoke well, as usual, denouncing that Biden made a racist statement.  Joe relented. MITT ROMNEYis financed by forces that want to roll back current regulations in business.

Joe Scarborough

Those who finance the SuperPacs want to make money regardless of how they affect our health and safety and what some industries do to the environment.  If we don’t break up the big banks or enforce regulations, they will roll back the gains Elizabeth Warren (running for Senate in MA) made for consumers in the use of credit cards.  We would have more corruptions like the housing crisis and banks operating like casinos, e.g., Chase Bank.  As a black, I say, “Morning Joe” followed the slow news week’s calling out someone as “playing the race card.”  If we elect Mitt Romney, Big Money, Big Oil, The Top 1%, et als, WILL ENSLAVE US ALL AND CHAIN ALL RACES WITH THE PAUL RYAN CONCEPT OF GOVERNMENT(i.e., Ayn Rand‘s theory of worshiping the rich and letting the poor be damned). I say to whites, blacks, Latinos, Asians, etc., DON’T LET THEM PUT CHAINS ON YOU. RE-ELECT PRESIDENT OBAMA ON NOVEMBER 6, 2012!