Do you fault Barack Obama for not keeping all of his promises? 2

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Please know that the President has served us well.  Despite  the WAR ON OBAMA led by Sen. Mitch McConnell and Speaker John Boehner, Barack Obama has secured much success for the American people …sometimes without the help of Congress.  The media does not regularly celebrate Obama’s success but you can find them on Google! Get involved in TAKING OUR COUNTRY BACK FROM THE OLIGARCHS!


  1. He’s doing the best he can after George Bushe’s mess up and the republicans are blind to their own bad decisions which they have created with big spending/borrowing and never thought about anything but material things. Their own fault and they have no patience expecting Obama to work miracles when the Republicans block all the proposals he put forward. Its about time some of them retire as they have dragged the counry down. And scare mongering. No one at the Biden’s speech has complained. I have never seen such hate in any countries election and US is suppose to be a democratic country. The Republicans nit pick at every word and blow it up to suit themselves.They deliberately block Obamas policies to get him out of office. Shame on the republicans. Ryan is their as Romney’s choice so that he too can avoid paying higher taxes. I hope Obama wins this election so that they will shut up and get on with doing what is best for the US. No one could have done better. Besides, Americans are not the only country in the world who has slow growth, look at the Europe! You can clearly see that majority of them would have to pay highter taxes and like Romney they will do anything to vote Obama out of the white House. Every country apart from America has praised his handling of the economy but they just dont want to see a black man in power who is so well liked and how can you fix so many things in on term. Shame again on the Republicans.

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