Please join my grassroots campaign to get Barack Obama Re-Elected

Friend —

I’m sure you’ve heard about Mitt Romney‘s refusal to release multiple years of tax returns — a tradition that all viable presidential candidates have followed since Romney’s father set a precedent in 1968.

On Friday, President Obama’s campaign manager Jim Messina sent the Romney campaign a letter offering a compromise: Release just five years of tax returns and, in exchange, the Obama campaign would stop criticizing Romney for his lack of transparency on the subject.

I’ve just co-signed Messina’s letter because it’s unacceptable that Mitt Romney expects us to put him in charge of our taxes, but he refuses to be transparent to us about his. Will you join me?



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Jo Stafford–You belong to me

Eat your vegetables and have a great evening!

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The People of Aleppo Have Questions…

Non-combatants living in Aleppo, Syria, are full of questions: Why are we being shelled? Who are the rebels who’ve come to town? How will we eat? The answers seem to be only bloodshed. FULL STORY | U.N. TO PULL OBSERVERS


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“Facts” – Obama for America TV Ad

Romney-Ryan Team Adopt George Bush Propaganda Strategy Taken from the Soviets…not so long ago.

One wonders what schemes President Bush and President Putin are hatching.

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