Republicans (and their wives) Are Boldly Lying to Our Faces with No Shame!

I guess there was a time when America was a nation of Christians.  I grew up in the church and was even a Sunday school teacher.  This was back in the ’50s. No longer do Republicans even give lip service to faith in God…and the fear of going to hell.  The GOP Primary Campaign wallowed in the sin of lying.  Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan have emerged to be the presumed winners of the GOP nomination for president and vice president…and continue to lie!  Mitt Romney’s wife was on NBC Thursday night supporting her husband’s lies. It is rumored that soon Paul Ryan will use his mother on the campaign trail in Florida to support his lies when he speaks to seniors. Saturday?  The world is not a large as it used to be.  The whole world watches American TV and, of course, there is the ubiquitous Internet which connects globally seekers of truth.  What must think of poll results that show how many people are saying they will vote for the lying Republicans.  Did you catch The Rachel Maddow Show last night?

Repeat lying politicians of both parties!  Fall on your knees and ask God to forgive you. ‘Cuz you are on the road to hell! —gow