Main Entry: forc·ible    Pronunciation Guide
Pronunciation: primarystressfomacrrsschwabschwal, primarystressfodotrs-, primarystressfomacrschwas-, primarystressfodot(schwa)s-
Function: adjective
Etymology: Middle English, from Middle French, from force + -ible
1 : effected by force used against opposition or resistance :obtained by compulsion or violence <a forcible entry> <determined on forcible repatriation of the refugees>

All through the Republican Party’s ugly primary, we have seen bad behavior followed by an apology.  They say outrageous things. They speak from their hearts with language that  offends the electorate.  Then powerful Republicans apply pressure to the offender and we get what we are supposed to believe is a sincere apology.


Main Entry: sin·cere    Pronunciation Guide
Function: adjective
Inflected Form(s): usually -er/-est
Etymology: Middle French, from Latin sincerus, probably fromsem- one + -cerus (from creare to create) — more at SAME,CRESCENT
1 : marked by genuineness: as a : free of dissimulation : not hypocritical REALTRUEHONEST <the missionaries were prompted by a sincere desire for good — Herman Melville> sincere and detested any form of pretense or affectation — Terry de Valera(1) : free from adulteration : not mixed Nazism in its pure sincere form proved extremely difficult — J.C.Harsch> (2) : not containing any foreign element :PURE <wood is cheap and wine sincere outside the city gate — Robert Browningc : marked by truth GENUINE <the only sincereglimpse that we get of the living breathing word-compelling Dante — J.R.Lowell> d : motivated by a desire for meaningful expression <the emotional substratum which we feel to be inseparable from a truly great and sincere work of musical art — Edward Sapir>
2 archaic DEVOID <air sincere of ceremonious haze — J.R.Lowell>
3 : characterized by firm belief in the validity of one’s own opinions <an entirely sincere and cruel tyrant>

Are you familiar with the Todd Akin story?  Rep. Todd Akin(R-MO)  said that doctors have told him that when a woman is “legitimately  raped,” her body has a biological mechanism that “shuts the thing down” and prevents pregnancy.  Nothing could be more absurd!  Where did this loser learn about human biology?  He spoke from the heart but his forced apology is not sincere.  He doesn’t mean it!  He wants voters to forget about it and still consider him a viable candidate for the US Senate from Missouri.

 We all know what Jesus said about accepting apologies. So, while we may accept his words, but, we should not vote for this loser. Voters in Missouri, vote for someone who is qualified and who is dedicated to making your future greater: