“I Wonder Where My Easy Riders Gone” Mae West


1933 Mae West Movie “She Done Him Wrong



“Todd Akin, Paul Ryan, & The Fifty Shades of Rape” – MOC #165




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HUMOR FROM “Late Night with David Letterman”

Congressman Todd Akin, stay in the race!

“The Awful Catch in Your Cell Phone Contract That You Should Know About”

HUFFINGTON POST – Technology Brief

The primary function of mobile carriers, and the reason we pay them oodles of money each month, is to provide wireless coverage for our cell phones. You expect your carrier to make sure your cell phone can make calls, send text messages, surf websites like The Huffington Post, and whatever else you do that requires a mobile connection.

It seems like a simple transaction, for both parties. However, only one side really has to hold up its end of the bargain, thanks to a sneaky provision buried in the fine print of thoseterms and conditions you probably aren’t reading. When you sign a two-year contract with any of the four largest carriers in the United StatesVerizon, AT&T, Sprint and T-Mobile — you’re saying it’s okay if your carrier doesn’t actually provide any service, and that even if your cell phone cannot connect to the network where you need it most, you will still pay the agreed-upon amount each month and stay in your contract. [Full Quote]


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Vital News from Obama for America

 Fixing Romney’s Medicare whiteboard
Romney gave a speech last week where he used his factually inaccurate talking points about the President’s record on Medicare — and he even used a whiteboard to emphasize his distortions. No matter what Romney draws on a whiteboard, it won’t change the facts: President Obama has already extended the life of Medicare by nearly a decade and is helping seniors save money. We recorded a video to respond to Romney’s attacks and fix some problems with his whiteboard illustration. Take a look, and share with others.

Vital News from Obama from America…)))

 The choice on education
Romney and Ryan’s terrible education plans aren’t just limited to student loans — their proposals for K-12 education would roll back much of the progress we’ve made under President Obama to improve our nation’s education system. We put together a blog post that looks at the President’s record on education compared to Romney’s, and what their proposals could mean for students and educators. Take a look, and share with the parents and teachers in your life.

Vital News from Obama for America…


 The choice on college affordability
President Obama believes a skilled workforce is critical to keeping America competitive and creating an economy built to last — and in order to make that happen, he’s helping millions of students pay for college. In contrast, Romney’s advice to parents and students trying to pay for college is to “shop around” if they’re worried about higher college costs. Take a look at our new calculator that lets you easily compute how each candidate’s plan for student loan reform could affect you, and share it with others so they can do the same.

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Paul Ryan & Todd Akin: ‘Forcible Rape’ Co-Sponsors

Vital News from Obama for America…



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