Both Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan say they are going to save the middle-class (ha! ha!) and Medicare and Medicaid.  Current recipients of Medicare will continue their federal health insurance which we love.  Romney would give future seniors (your children)  insurance vouchers: A coupons from the US Treasury which would require that they  take off from work (if they are not too sick to work) and search for an insurance company that will insure Americans over 65 which is the time when us seniors begin to have medical problems: arthritis, diabetes,high blood pressure, high cholesterol, hip replacements, joint disease, heart disease, etc.  So, the other day Paul Ryan presented his sweet and smiling Mother to a group of seniors the other day. He did not tell them the ugly truth of his Medicare Plan as I just told you.  Mitt Romney has said he found no fault with this plan, thought it was “marvelous” and would make it law as president.  Don’t make your children go through this: DON’T VOTE FOR MITT ROMNEY!