Today Is Women’s Equality Day! Take One to Dinner…AND LET HER PAY! (Joke!)

Men and Women Are Equal in America

When this country was started, women did not have the sane rights as men.  Women, as a minority, an interest group, had to fight for equality to men.  They are still fighting.  Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan lead a “War on Women” where they seek to control their bodies and various freedoms. [Pray for their victory.]  Some say women, Latinos and blacks could decide who will live in the Whitehouse next year.  I do hope that President Obama, surpassed in campaign finance, will be victorious!  He will win if all of us get registered and turnout to vote for Obama for President.  We need all Democrats and Independents to vote a straight Democratic ticket this time to throw off the yoke of the Tea Party which has damaged this country. “Bless their little hearts.”  They have done harm.  They lost us our “AAA” bond rating which is embarrassing for the number one economy in the world.  They have installed Republican governors and legislations which have put hundreds of anti-women and anti-reproductive rights laws on the books.  I hate to use this much used phrase, but, we can TAKE OUR COUNTRY BACK!  All is takes to begin is become a registered voter and vote a straight Democratic ticket on November 6, 2012.  All Tea Party members of the US House are up for re-election.  LET’S CLEAN HOUSE!

In closing, we must love and protect our women respecting them as equals.  God bless the United States of America!

by GoodOleWoody