In the Darkness Paul Ryan’s Heart Was Basted with a Glaze of “Sins of Omission” 1

I grew up in the Baptist Church and knew nothing about Roman Catholics.  When I began to learn about them, I found one thing curious: The sin of omission.  These days I think most Americans know what it is to [sin]  lie by leaving out certain truths.  That is Rep. Paul Ryan‘s shame. Last week when he introduced himself to you and celebrated Team Romney-Ryan, Paul did not tell you that he was a noted conservative member of the President’s Simpson-Bowles Commission which he quit and whose “No” vote kept this legislation from being adopted in Congress. Paul Ryan delayed our financial recovery.  How can a devout Catholic lie like this?  But, then, again, isn’t that what Team Romney-Ryan is all about?

Rep.  Paul Ryan (R-WI)

[Note how the nominee’s features are partly in darkness. Get it?]

“Romney has repeatedly said that he would reject any deal to bring down the debt that included 10 dollars in spending cuts even if it add only one dollar in taxes for the wealthy,” he added. “Congressman Ryan failed to mention any of that – a convenient omission, I’d say.”

Ryan served on the Bowles-Simpson commission and voted with six of the body’s 18 members — including both Republicans and Democrats – against its final recommendations. The commission’s rules required 11 ‘yes’ votes to advance for a full congressional vote. While Ryan praised many facets of the Bowles-Simpson proposal, he argued at the time that it did not do enough to address rising health costs…”  [NBC]

Beginning on Tuesday, my party, the Democratic Party, will convince you that there is one choice for President if America is serious about wrestling our country from a conflagration of Big Money special interest groups who work to suppress the voting power of the poor and the middle-class who sweated out the success upon which the TOP 1% stands and would shut us out. Yes, all that was “built” by the job creators, the rich, the powerful, could not have been done without the labor of countless Americans who needed a paycheck to put food on the table, pay the mortgage, send the kids to school and give a better opportunity to the next generation.  Mitt Romney has a one track campaign whose goal is the make the rich and successful among us guaranteed “King of the Mountain” status in our economy…forever!  Don’t help Mitt Romney bind you with the chains of poverty and limit the opportunities of your children.  Remember our roots in that “hopey-changey thing will bear fruit for a second season as we re-elect Barack Obama, President of the United States of America!  God bless you!


November 6, 2012


If I were asked if I am better off than I was 4 years ago, I would say eagerly, “Yes! And, I recall how much we all suffered for 8 years under Republican President, George W. Bush, whose administration ended in disgrace and is hardly mentioned today… except in the pejorative.”

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