“Michelle Obama convention speech dress dazzles, scores”

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(CNN) – First lady Michelle Obama walked onto the stage of the Democratic National Convention on Tuesday night fully aware of the task at hand.

It was her job to paint her husband – the president – as a family man and as a leader with a vision for the country.

She passed with flying colors – pink and grey to be exact.

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Twitter reported more than 28,000 tweets per minute during Obama’s prime time speech, nearly double that of Republican candidate Mitt Romney’s.

And many of them focused on what she had on.

Obama lit up the arena in a luminescent rosy pink dress with grey floral detailing. Perhaps the most physically fit of all the first ladies, she showed off her toned arms and shoulders in the sleeveless cut frock, with just a sliver of her back through a small key hole. The full knee-length skirt had an easy element of movement as she approached the podium.

The first lady turned to African-American designer Tracy Reese for the night’s dress.

She’s worn Tracy Reese on numerous occasions, including the Easter Egg Roll and her photo shoot with People Magazine.

Tweeters swooned.

“Michelle Obama is the epitome of grace & wisdom. Her speech was utterly inspiring…so was her dress, perfect skin and arms. #2012DNC,” tweeted Lauren Molina of New York. FULL ARTICLE

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