Hey, Mitt and Ann Romney, only Kings Get to Say What Questions They Will and Will Not Answer! 2



I was personally insulted when Ann Romney called us, “You people” when she announced that she (and the husband with whom she enjoys complex financial schemes which assures eternal wealth regardless of the cost), would not be issuing further tax returns. How many of us gets to claim $77,000 as a tax deduction for the upkeep of a prize-winning dressage horse which appeared in the recent Olympics? [Were they reading this, the Romney’s would exclaim, “Another leftist attack!”, instead of realizing that their elite status in our society carries a responsibility to be above suspicion of wrong-doing. Mitt Romney‘s father, himself, released 12 years of tax returns. Mitt 1 full return.  The Romneys, like the “divine right” kings of olde, boldly tell the people (the media) that they will not answer questions which pertain to the human condition and they will only concentrate on issues about money and the accumulation of wealth.  This is the Romney definition of “success.”  In these next 50+ days the media must not let them get away with this arrogance!  They must not fail us.  They must press the difficult questions that the Romneys are afraid to answer.  No one has re-written the rules for Presidential campaigns.   Campaigns are not easy.  Just like making money!



  1. Amen, I totally agree. The media must insist that they ask these pertinent and relevant questions to the candidates seeking the office of presidency.

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