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Romney Cartoon 6 – Foreign Policy

Romney Cartoon 5 – Foreign Policy

Romney Cartoon 4 – Foreign Policy

Romney Cartoon 3 – Foreign Policy

Romney Cartoon 2 – Domestic Policy

Romney Cartoon 1 – Foreign Policy

!st or 2nd on “President” Romney’s list on day one

De Eso Nada – Anuncio de Televisión de Obama for America=

Election Update…

53 days to Nov. 6; 20 days to Debate 1

Beautiful writing

Thinking Out Loud

I wrote this song when I was in my 20s, but from the perspective of an older man who nearing the end of life — or having a mid-life crisis — who wishes he had lived life differently.  I thought of it in connection with a post on Wednesday at Christianity 201, and decided to run the lyrics here…

The time has come to look around
Just before the daylight ends
Wish I could have accomplished more
The life I lived seems empty
Now I wish it had been full
What will my life be remembered for?

Some men have built great buildings
Some men have written songs
Others were heroes in a war
I’m not a writer or inventor
Nor a teacher or a preacher (so tell me)
What will my life be remembered for?

Some men have found diseases’ cures
Others ways to lighten loads
Some gave…

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