Day: September 21, 2012

Annie Lennox Many Rivers To Cross Live American Idol Gives Back 2008


Mitt Romney Will Say Anything to Win Cartoon 10

Mitt Romney Will Say Anything to Win Cartoon 9

Mitt, you’ve got a CLOWN CAMPAIGN, bro!

Mitt Romney Will Say Anything to Win Cartoon 8

THE DAILY SHOW WITH JON STEWART: Exclusive Interview with Bill Clinton Part. 1

Bill, the world blesses you for all that you do!

Mitt Romney Will Say Anything to Win Cartoon 7

MASSACHUSETTS: In first debate, Scott Brown hits Elizabeth Warren on Cherokee claim

Senator Scott Brown disses challenger, Elizabeth Warren who is leading him in polls



BOSTON — Republican Sen. Scott Brown wasted no time lacing into Elizabeth Warren over her controversial claim of Native American heritage Thursday night, attempting to reignite broader questions about her character during the first debate of their fiercely contested Senate campaign.

Brown took the first question of the hourlong face-off to yank the scab off a controversy that wounded Warren’s campaign in the spring, when it was revealed she identified herself as a minority while serving as a university professor.

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