Ahhhh. Mitt Romney Is Dancing with…the Devil!

Are you tired of the sound of sonic booms?  You do know what they are, don’t you? It’s the sound of Mitt Romney FLIP FLOPPING, changing what little mind he may have, on this issue and that issue.  Sunday, he was pro-Obamacare.  Monday he denounced it.  Yesterday, Mitt revamped his campaign and, guess what:  He for Obamacare…again!   Is he also pro-gay, pro-releasing tax returns, anti-Mitch McConnell or pro raising taxes on the rich?  Bring me the head of the real Mitt Romney! Once we joked about Mitt Romney’s willingness to say anything to get elected:  It just depends on the news weather vane. We asked why a man, who has no core, would think he could be elected president? What have his advisers been telling him these last seven years?  Should we blame them for MITT ROMNEY DANCING WITH THE DEVIL?  —G.O.W.