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Dinah Washington- Mad about the boy






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“All About The Boys In The Band”


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Released in 1970, ‘Boys In The Band“, the film, based on the play by Mart Crowley, was a watershed in American culture. This short feature examines its origin and odyssey.




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“How to be gay in 10 easy steps”

 “How to Be Gay in 10 Easy Steps”

The title caught me off guard too, I admit. This is a blog from UK news site The Guardian that somewhat jokingly discusses whether or not there are markers of gay culture that unify the LGBT community.

The author starts by talking about how an acquaintance of his wanted to “revoke his gay card” when he tweeted that he didn’t like a Kylie Minogue song. That ticked him off, and so he explains that, as we all know, you don’t have to like Kylie Minogue to be gay, just like you don’t have to watch Glee or worship Cher or any of those other stereotypes.

But then he suggests – again, partially jokingly – that there are key experiences that bring gays together. (Disclaimer: he seems to be mostly listing experiences relevant to gay men.) Some of them are somewhat meaningful, like paying tribute to Stonewall or honoring the people we lost to the AIDS epidemic, but others buy into the very stereotypes he seems to be against, like diva worship or knowing how to cruise. Here’s the full list (explanations at the link above):

  1. Have a diva
  2. Dress in drag
  3. Cruise
  4. Know about poppers
  5. Protest
  6. Go to Pride
  7. Develop a Gaydar
  8. Appreciate camp
  9. Visit the AIDS quilt
  10. Come out

What do you think of this piece? Are there certain things every gay person should do, like go to Pride and come out? Or is the author discrediting the wide variety of ways a person can be gay?

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