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“Mitt Romney will obliterate Medicaid” (Medical Program for the Poor and the Poor Elderly, e.g. in Nursing Homes

David Corn and Kevin Drum, Mother Jones




The Romney/Ryan Plan to Obliterate Medicaid


By Kevin Drum


Barrels of ink have been spilled over Medicare during this year’s campaign. There’s nothing wrong with that: Obama and Romney have fundamentally different approaches to Medicare and they deserve attention. Romney, for example, wants to increase the eligibility age to 67 and convert Medicare into a voucher system that relies primarily on competition between private firms to rein in costs. That’s a big change. At the same time, the actual differences in what the two candidates would spend on Medicare is fairly modest. This is more a fight over means than ends.


The same can’t be said for Medicaid: [READ MORE]




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“At Long Last, Dignity?”

Frank Bruni in an Earl Wilson photo

If you live for 80 years, Chuck Bennett told me, you see things you never imagined. Crazy, fantastical stuff.

A man on the moon. “Amazing,” he said.

The Soviet Union’s disintegration. “Also amazing.”

And on Nov. 6, if the polls are right and his hope is fulfilled, the people of Maine may pass a referendum for same-sex marriage, which no state has adopted by popular vote before.

“That’s equally amazing to me,” he said. Ten minutes later, he circled back to say it again. “I would like to reiterate how amazing it is.”

Bennett was born in 1932 and grew up in Brooklyn without anything but slurs and clinical terms to describe his attraction to other men. In the late 1950s, he was forced out of the Navy for being gay.

He never found a long-term romantic partner, thwarted in part by a disapproving society with no obvious role models for him, and he bought his dream house on the ocean here 15 years ago with two close friends, because he didn’t want to grow old alone and didn’t expect to meet anyone special, not so late in the game. MORE

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“Biden Holds Ryan Accountable for His Privatizing Social Security”



Paul Ryan, would you send your Mommie


out for insurance


when she reaches 82 years old?



Rep. Paul Ryan (R-WI)
Rep. Paul Ryan (R-WI) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


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PANETTA: “Cyber Intruders Have Already Infiltrated US”

Panetta: Cyber intruders have already infiltrated US

Defense Secretary Leon Panetta warned that a cyber attack by a nation state or terrorists on the U.S. could be America‘s “cyber Pearl Harbor” and “be just as destructive as the terrorist attack of 9/11.”

English: Official portrait of the former Direc...
English: Official portrait of the former Director of the Central Intelligence Agency Leon Panetta. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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Highlights of Vice Presidential Debate


Joe Biden:  Wise and Honest

As I watched the debate moments ago,  I noted how confident Congressman Paul Ryan spoke.  The problem is Mitt Romney has put the nation through a season of lies and flip-flops.  Less than 4 weeks before the election, Republicans have lost public trust.  Last night when Ryan spoke I silently said to myself, “We cannot believe a word that proceeds from his mouth!”  On the other hand, it was easy to believe Vice President Biden whose speech was characterized by wisdom and honesty.  I did not get the feeling that he might be lying.  Paul Ryan continued his refrain, ‘Obama did not keep his promises.’  How could he Paul, when you and your entire party has waged a war on him to limit his success and gain the Whitehouse in 2013.  Ryan is a leader in the House and bears responsibility for the gridlock that given us a “Do Nothing Congress” who have accepted paychecks but have done the people’s business.  They were sent to Washington to represent us, not engage in the perpetuation of the Republican Party. The Romney-Ryan Team blames President Obama for the economic problems he assumed from Republican President George W. Bush. Former President Bill Clinton said that might take more than one president to clean up this mess.  I chuckled when I heard  Joe Biden talk about Romney’s “47% remark” which Paul Ryan could not defend.  It was amusing to hear Paul recite a lecture on how to fight the war in Afghanistan when he never served in the military.  [Perhaps he was in ROTC, like I was.] The most serious issue for me was Biden’s comments about the seriousness of electing a president who will appoint one or two justices to the Supreme Court.  America cannot vote for a candidate who might nominate Justice Bork to the Court or reverse “settled law.”  The Republican leaning of the US Supreme Court has not served us well, except, perhaps, for their decision on  “Obamacare.”  [Please do everything you can to support the repeal of Citizens United and deal the death-blow to the evil of SuperPacs and to that stupid notion, “Corporations are people, too, my friend.” (Romney)

If you did not get to see/TiVo the debate, please watch the highlight video and make your own decision.  IMHO, the video is edited in Ryan’s favor. But,  full disclosure: I am a life time Democrat.  —GoodOleWoody

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