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George Stanley McGovern (July 19, 1922 – October 21, 2012) was an American historian, author and U.S. RepresentativeU.S. Senator, and theDemocratic Party presidential nominee in the 1972 presidential election. [WIKIPEDIA]


Which Mitt Romney for President will you be for Halloween?



Columbia, SC — Are you having a hard time deciding who to be for Halloween? Why not go as Mitt Romney? Like the “Man of a Thousand Faces,” Mitt is the Man of a Thousand Positions.

Pick one, dress up as Mitt, and you are guaranteed that no two Mitt costumes will be the same.
South Carolina Democratic Chairman, Dick Harpootlian, released the following statement in response to the newest SCDP video:

“Mitt Romney looks in the mirror every morning and sees a stranger. Pro-choice Mitt wouldn’t recognize Pro-life Mitt,” Harpootlian said.

“Universal Healthcare Mitt would run from Anti Healthcare Mitt like Jamie Lee Curtis did from the Halloween slasher. Republicans are welcoming Mitt in South Carolina today, we just wonder which one will show up.”

Which Mitt Romney will you be for Halloween?

Will You Reward a Campaign of Political Lies and the Roll Back of Civil Rights and the March of Progress?

I am watching the repeat of  Meet the Press.”  Marco Rubio and Rob Portman criticize the President for not talking about his vision for the future. By what right do Republicans think that they are the honest brokers of the truth?  The arbiters of right and wrong.  They go on TV – mostly Fox – and speak with superiority, talk loudly and talk over other guests and sometimes the moderator.  This ugly behavior starts from the top: Reince Priebus, RNC Chairman.  For four years the Republican Party has waged a war against the success of our first black president and the media has let them get away with it.  I guess they did not want their access to influential Republicans cut.  I don’t know much about Fox News, but, it seems that only Chris Wallace refuses to ‘drink the Republican Kool-Aid.’  He will confront Republicans when they lie, even Ed Gillespie!  This is refreshing in a season of GOP political lies, filibusters, gridlock in Congress resulting in historical low poll ratings and public confidence.  If we were a parliamentary government, votes of non-confidence would have changed things years ago.   One is reminded that though not perfect, the system our Forefathers gave us is the best democracy in the world.  If only we could get Republicans to play the game  honestly.  If only Republicans would stop fighting negotiation as the only way forward for the United States.  There is no guarantee that a Republican in the Whitehouse would mean smooth-sailing for legislation that would  erase the harm done by the Tea Party, Mitch McConnell, John Boehner and Eric Cantor.

Tonight is the last presidential debate.  The subject is foreign policy and it promises to be quite “spicy,” or should I say dicey.  The debate score is Romney:  “1” and Obama:  “1”.  The winner of this last debate so close to voting might take the election.  Of course, I am rooting for Barack Obama to abandon being so polite and let the people see his true passion and fire.  Whatever happens, the American people will not see her president resort to lies, bullying and bad behavior.  God bless Barack Obama!


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3rd DEBATE: Tonight, will President Obama be “master of his own domain?”

America is all excited and a little on edge. It’s Romney “1” and Obama “1”.  President Obama has demonstrated aplomb at foreign policy for four years.  In this evening’s debate he will debate Mitt Romney whose only experience with foreign countries is business travel for Bain Capital and his recent tour of Europe and the Middle East…which most say was a failure that was an embarrassment  to the US. Reports say that Romney has worked hard in preparation for the debate, as well as Obama.  For sure, we will be glued to our wide-screen TVs or our TiVo‘s will be working overtime!  The question is will the President be confident but passionate and cautious the traps his Romney has learned to sneak into the conversation. IMHO, Mitt Romney might be a change, but that change would be immensely too radical and to the right.  Recently, he started talking about the middle-class trying to show false concern.  Voters should be aware that with years of flip-flopping on issues, Mitt Romney cannot be trusted to tell the truth and, if elected, Romney will continue to favor his base, the top 1% (The wealthy) and will erase decades of progress by women, the poor and the middle-class which is the bulwark of our democracy.  I hope that on Tuesday. November 6, 2012, enough people will vote for Barack Obama, the people’s candidate!