Dedicated to Sununu, Trump, Palin and All the Racists in the Republican Party

(Photographer unknown, ca. 1895)


Racists are a serious problem
So what can we do to try to stop them?
For all those people
Who slag another culture
To see their face starting to sculpture
Into a face of rage and madness
It fills me up with a horrible sadness.

If we let this go any more
The feelings of those slagged
Will feel very sore.
I don’t know why they just won’t stop,
What do they want, a lollipop?

They have nothing better
to do with their time,
But be racist which is like a crime!
Little do they know, they are just plain dumb,
Slagging people and chewing their gum.

If you are one of those
Slagged by the insane,
Dont be afraid to tell teacher
and complain!
those bullies don’t care how you feel,
Because they just want you to squeal.

By Alan

NoToRacism (Photo credit: Wikipedia)