Tomorrow You Give Our Politics a Report Card

Barack Obama and Mitt Romney

In Tuesday’s election we will see if enough Americans see what Republicans have done to our political system and will vote for Barack Obama.  God willing, Barack Obama will win reelection. The backbone of his success will be the Democratic grassroots effort, “Obama for America.”  The Republican grassroots effort is a cabal of shadowy figures who meet in “quiet rooms”, exchange enormous sums of money, plan our future and have orchestrated a Grand Design to take over state legislatures and state election apparatus, i.e., the Secretaries of State, to put the Republican Party, led by Reince Priebus, in a position to pass laws which seek to suppress the right to vote (as guaranteed by The Constitution,)  laws which restrict access to the voting booths, laws which put Republicans in charge of the very ballots themselves.  Remember hanging chads?  There we saw that Republican power extends to the highest level of our government, The  US Supreme Court which gave us a Republican president, George W. Bush, whose name was not uttered by Republicans during the  2012 campaign which ends tomorrow. (Republicans had  good reason.)

The polls say that the election will be close in the extreme! Let us hope that enough Americans see what Reince Priebus, Mitch McConnell, et als have done to our glorious country in their zeal to occupy the Whitehouse and wield great power.  They must be stopped.  Their “bad behavior,” (to be polite), must not be rewarded with a win of the Presidency.  Voters must ask themselves, “Should I risk voting “Republican” Tuesday…and lose America tomorrow?”[SIC]  We will not be voting for one choice, but, for the American future promised  to us by God and which still breathes under a dark cloud of Republican mendacity. Tomorrow is in your hands.  You may have to pinch your nose, but, do the right thing for America and vote for Barack Obama! And, while you are voting, vote for Democrats at the state and local level, too!  God bless the United States of America!   —GoodOleWoody

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