San Francisco considers public nudity ban — with exceptions

San Francisco officials this week will consider a ban on public nakedness.

This being San Francisco, there are exceptions:

The preschool set still could go diaper-less anywhere and everywhere. Fetishists could drop trou for a flogging during the annual Folsom Street Fair, billed as the world’s largest leather fest.

The proposed ban would not stop the athletically inclined from jettisoning their shorts during the Bay to Breakers run — the historic, costume-optional race through this city’s microclimates (chilly to chillier). And Dykes on Bikes could wear — or not — whatever they wished during the Pride Parade.

But a starkers stroll down Market Street would most emphatically be out if the prohibition passes.

“In its traditional form in San Francisco, public nudity was fine,” said Supervisor Scott Wiener, who represents the Castro District and introduced both ordinances. “It was fine to have a random [naked] person walking through the neighborhood once in a while. It was fine at public festivals and parades.”

But although many talk about the tolerant “spirit of San Francisco,” Wiener said, “what’s happening now is … a caricature.”

You can thank the “Naked Guys” for that.

Until recently, officials generally had turned the other cheek to questions of public nudity — particularly when the sightings of sandal-clad men with all-body tans around the Castro District, the heart of gay San Francisco, were sporadic.

Then two years ago, when Jane Warner Plaza was dedicated at the intersection of Castro and Market streets, the number of Naked Guys grew. And so did the complaints, from gay men who live in the area and shop owners near the gathering spot eventually dubbed the “Buff Stop.”

Wiener’s attempt at regulation last year banned nudity in restaurants and established the outdoor seating guidelines. The goal was to bring a little civility back into the practice of urban nudism. Unfortunately, it had the opposite effect.

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–Maria L. LaGanga

Photo: George Davis, 65, exercises his right to be nude while reading at the corner of 17th and Castro streets in San Francisco. Credit: Maria L. LaGanga/Los Angeles Times

Not All Thanksgivings Are Equal

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These elections have been stunning for me, and have again shaken my faith in the institution of Christianity. Thankfully, my personal relationship with God in my faith sustains me.

I believe in God, and I love the Lord, however, I am astounded by the conduct of these people who are public figures, and act as spokespeople for Christianity. During these elections the Christians I have encountered, or heard on the Christian Networks, at least for the most part, who are white and pentecostal, have been just as mindlessly anti-Obama and as hateful, just as Atheist and non-Christian RACISTS have been. Why??

My family and I sometimes visit different churches on Sunday, even though we have a home church, and during the election cycle, we have been disgusted by the barely concealed bigotry against President Obama, we constantly encountered in the churches we visited. I have taken pains…

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Health care law’s new regulations set soon

By Jordan Rau, Published: November 18

With the national health law’s political future now entrenched, a deluge of new rules is expected in the coming days and weeks as the Obama administration fleshes out the law’s complex components.

Most of the anticipation has been focused on rules that determine how the new state-based insurance marketplaces called exchanges will operate. But also closely awaited are decisions about how the government will tax medical devices, allot the shrinking pool of money for hospitals that treat the uninsured,  and determine how birth control insurance coverage can be guaranteed for employees of religious schools, universities and charities.

“We knew right after the election, this is all coming out,” said Blair Childs, an executive at the Premier health alliance, which advises hospitals.

Some of these rules have been under development for nearly a year.

Other key decisions will be determined outside the rulemaking process, as the Obama administration selects participants in several experimental programs, including a new payment method for doctors, hospitals and other providers.



Hey, Republicans…Get on the Bus! The future waits for no one.


Mike Murphy is right.  The GOP Primary was an assault on decency in America.  The Republican candidates for president showed us just how ugly politics can be…if you decide”

  1. The end justifies the means.
  2. Winning is everything.
  3. It is OK to lie to prospective voters to win the Whitehouse.
  4. God gives politicians a “pass” to sin without consequences.

I hope that sentient Republicans see that this is the perfect time for campaign finance reform as they search for their “raison d’être”.  Our national disgrace with dark money and Super Pacs is literally evil and must be outlawed!  Voter suppression is, also, evil and it is un-American.  Not all Republicans have lost their souls.  True patriots from both parties must come together and reclaim the prosperous and virtuous future we deserve!


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SC Senator Graham calls home-girl Susan Rice a “bit player” yet blames her for just doing her job

Graham: Susan Rice ‘Politically Compliant,’ Misled Public

  Sen. Lindsey Graham, R-S.C., tells David Gregory that the White House would mislead the public about national security to prevent the president from looking bad.


Isn’t it disappointing to hear Lindsey Graham, who so distinguishes South Carolina, would say that Ambassador Susan Rice was “a bit player,”  yet join the chorus of Republicans who are sore that their poor and default nominee for president lost the election and gave President Obama a mandate?  If Susan Rice disagreed with the talking papers based on findings from the intelligence community, from where would come her alternate, credible substitute information?  What would be the outcome if a US ambassador went rogue and presented other than the official response to an important world event?  Would you contradict your boss in making official statements?  Wouldn’t a quick-firing result in such a scenario?  Republicans should lay off this “bit player” and not use this incident to hinder the career in public service of  Susan Rice who hails from Senator Lindsey Graham’s state.


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Middle Class: The squeeze is on, here’s why by Adam Garnett



More and more these days, middle-class Americans seem to feel that their opportunities for income growth and achieving the American dream simply aren’t what they used to be.

Pulitzer Prize winning journalist Hedrick Smith, author of the new book Who Stole the American Dream,  joined Hardball  Friday to explain the hidden causes of inequality in the U.S. economy. The public, Smith said, has been led to believe that the middle class squeeze in this country has been caused by globalization, technology and market forces.

Not so, argues Smith, who points to a political/corporate power shift in the late 1970′s as the culprit of the widening wealth gap.

” There was a political rebellion. [The corporate interests] absolutely stuffed labor, they stuffed the consumer movement, they got deregulation, they got tax cuts, they got all kinds of things so the power shift tilted the policy towards business, towards the wealthy,” Smith told Chris Matthews.



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