Hey, Republicans…Get on the Bus! The future waits for no one.


Mike Murphy is right.  The GOP Primary was an assault on decency in America.  The Republican candidates for president showed us just how ugly politics can be…if you decide”

  1. The end justifies the means.
  2. Winning is everything.
  3. It is OK to lie to prospective voters to win the Whitehouse.
  4. God gives politicians a “pass” to sin without consequences.

I hope that sentient Republicans see that this is the perfect time for campaign finance reform as they search for their “raison d’être”.  Our national disgrace with dark money and Super Pacs is literally evil and must be outlawed!  Voter suppression is, also, evil and it is un-American.  Not all Republicans have lost their souls.  True patriots from both parties must come together and reclaim the prosperous and virtuous future we deserve!


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