SC Senator Graham calls home-girl Susan Rice a “bit player” yet blames her for just doing her job

Graham: Susan Rice ‘Politically Compliant,’ Misled Public

  Sen. Lindsey Graham, R-S.C., tells David Gregory that the White House would mislead the public about national security to prevent the president from looking bad.


Isn’t it disappointing to hear Lindsey Graham, who so distinguishes South Carolina, would say that Ambassador Susan Rice was “a bit player,”  yet join the chorus of Republicans who are sore that their poor and default nominee for president lost the election and gave President Obama a mandate?  If Susan Rice disagreed with the talking papers based on findings from the intelligence community, from where would come her alternate, credible substitute information?  What would be the outcome if a US ambassador went rogue and presented other than the official response to an important world event?  Would you contradict your boss in making official statements?  Wouldn’t a quick-firing result in such a scenario?  Republicans should lay off this “bit player” and not use this incident to hinder the career in public service of  Susan Rice who hails from Senator Lindsey Graham’s state.