McCain to GOP: Stop talking about abortion

Republican Sen. John McCain is urging his fellow Republicans to steer clear of discussing abortion.

The Arizona lawmaker said he was proud of his pro-life stance on Fox News Sunday but added, “As far as young women are concerned, absolutely, I don’t think anybody like me—I can state my position on abortion, but other than that, leave the issue alone when we are in the kind of economic situation, and frankly national security situation that we’re in.”

When asked if he meant the GOP should allow abortion rights, which could help the party among young and female voters, McCain said he was merely suggesting that Republicans take a more conciliatory approach.

“I would allow people to have those opinions…I’m proud of my pro-life position and if someone disagrees with me, I respect [their] views,” said McCain.

He also acknowledged that “the demographics are not on our side.”


English: John McCain official photo portrait.
English: John McCain official photo portrait. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)