“House GOP leaders: Fiscal cliff offer a ‘step in the right direction’

By NBC’s Frank Thorp

House Republican leadership considers a new proposal from the White House to avoid the so-called fiscal cliff “a small step in the right direction” but aides say that “there are still substantive issues that are unresolved.”

The lack of an outright rejection of the White House’s most recent proposal is noteworthy, hinting that both sides may be willing to come to an agreement with just 13 days until the New Year.

The reaction comes after the White House proposed Monday what they call a $2.4 trillion dollar deficit reduction package, including $1.2 trillion in new revenues and $1.22 trillion in spending reductions.

Included in the revenue increases is the expiration of the Bush-era tax rates for incomes of $400,000 and more, marking the first time the White House has moved on their stance of raising rates on incomes of $250,000 and more.  The $1.2 trillion in increased revenue is also down from the $1.4 trillion in new revenues the White House included in their last proposal.  FULL  ARTICLE