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“Does Obama’s gun control plan have a chance?”


On Wednesday, President Obama initiated 23 executive actions designed to help combat gun violence. But as he himself acknowledged, there’s only so much he can do on his own. The “most important” changes, he said, need to go through Congress.

“To make a real and lasting difference, Congress too must act,” said the president. “And Congress must act soon.”

There are three main actions that the president wants Congress to take. The first is to mandate background checks for anyone who wants to buy a gun. (Right now, gun buyers who want to avoid background checks can, for instance, purchase a gun from a private seller at a gun show.) The second is to reinstate the ban on military-style assault weapons and limit ammunition magazines to 10 rounds. And the third is to confirm Todd Jones as director of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives. Congress has not confirmed an ATF director in six years, and the president argued that doing so would improve the ability of that organization to help law enforcement in combating gun violence.

The president is also calling on Congress to ban armor-piercing bullets and pass new gun trafficking laws, pass his $4 billion plan that would provide funding for 15,000 police officers, and “end the freeze” on funding public health research on gun violence.  FULL ARTICLE

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“Armstrong admits doping: “I’m a flawed character”Disgraced former cycling champion comes clean to Oprah Winfrey about using performance-enhancing drugs to win”


CHICAGO:  He did it. He finally admitted it. Lance Armstrong doped.

He was light on the details and didn’t name names. He mused that he might not have been caught if not for his comeback in 2009. And he was certain his “fate was sealed” when longtime friend, training partner and trusted lieutenant George Hincapie, who was along for the ride on all seven of Armstrong’s Tour de France wins from 1999-2005, was forced to give him up to anti-doping authorities.

But right from the start and more than two dozen times during the first of a two-part interview Thursday night with Oprah Winfrey on her OWN network, the disgraced former cycling champion acknowledged what he had lied about repeatedly for years, and what had been one of the worst-kept secrets for the better part of a week: He was the ringleader of an elaborate doping scheme on a U.S. Postal Service team that swept him to the top of the podium at the Tour de France time after time.  FULL ARTICLE

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