What is the ultimate goal of the Republican Party?

Looking back at gun sales when Barack Obama (black) became president and coming forward to the extant spike in guns sales after 20 innocent children were mowed down in their school, it is clear that the “Grand Ole Party” is a misnomer for today’s Republican Party. Today, the Republican Party is the party of guns. The American people are not excited by the deficit, spending reform, tax reform or not raising taxes on the rich. Such has been the subjects of Republican conversation lo these many months.  However, gun rights is the issue that they are  using best to whip up hysteria against our black president and, potentially, against the Union of the States. Republicans now talk of  “black helicopters” and  the government coming to get their guns and how willing they are to die for scraps of metal.  Yes, this metal represents liberty to them,but that is an old saw Republicans use to distract the people from realizing that for decades Republicans have had few great ideas and few successes in governing. So many of our military died in a war started with the lie of “Weapons of Mass Destruction.” George W. Bush’s war in Iraq was not a part of any budget and cost us billions a day.  Incredibly, in the middle of one war, President Bush started the War in Afghanistan which will end in 2014. [These are the longest wars in our history.]  The battles of war kept the media from reporting on the vast sums of money we were borrowing from China, the biggest holder of American debt.  Along with the debt we are in crisis with problems with unemployment,jobs, immigration, a “do nothing Congress.”  Yet, Republican racists inflame the nation with cries for stopping our black president from making himself “king” and sending the black helicopters “to get our guns!”   Republicans use taunts of succession and nullification as if they were touchstones to divide us.  Anyway, the President is the most powerful person in the world.  He would not suffer the Union breaking apart, if he really wanted a “kingdom.”  The Union is strong.  The Union will endure!

President Obama is a cool president focused on surviving the wars waged upon him by Republicans as he finds solutions for our current problems and seeks to secure the future our Fore Fathers have made our destiny. The Union is so unassailable as one nation that it is fool’s talk to threaten succession and nullification of legal executive power.  Some localities and states are passing laws which seek to “outlaw” federal supremacy.  Fools!

The media must not let us be distracted.  Our immediate–and legitimate–concern is our fiscal crisis.  The Republican Party waged an all out war on Barack Obama for four years…and lost!  Steeled with victory, the President will not be cowered or threatened by attempts at blackmail, another Republican tactic.  Republicans now have no choice but to govern and must finally negotiate  with Democrats to solve issues of the day.  It is no longer about winning or losing: THE WAR IS OVER!  There is little time to arrive at immediate fiscal concerns.  Is the Republican Party just talking…or, are they crazy(mad) enough to collapse the American economy and that of the world?  Isn’t there enough suffering in the world?  Would Reince Priebus give us Armageddon before its time?  Will God lift the veil from the eyes of the public and let them see the Republican Party’s sad state of affairs.  They have no ideas. They lie and cheat without shame. They are deluded in thinking God is on their side after witnessing the last GOP Primary.  Speaker Boehner and Leaders McConnell and Cantor should re-read the oaths they took and, perhaps, consider their places in history.  Our future is in the balance.  Will God find us worthy of  beneficence or will America slide into oblivion?  Our prayers will help Him decide.  It is time for all of us to get down on our knees and pray.  —GoodOleWoody

English: Reince Priebus at the Republican Lead...

English: Reince Priebus at the Republican Leadership Conference in New Orleans, Louisiana. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)