Under the Mountain Bunker

With the sequester right around the corner, it’s important to point out that it will be Democrats fighting to reduce those automatic cuts to programs that ALL Americans rely on — and who will be trying to reduce some of those cuts with new revenue sources (something Republicans are REFUSING to consider, they say, and something they might be willing to shut down the government over). On the other hand, Republicans will be fighting to slash funding for all those programs so that the military-industrial complex can grow fatter, so that the one-percent can continue opening new off-shore accounts, and so that CEO bonuses can continue to increase exponentially.

Markos reminds the GOP base-rubes that if they’re not related to the Koch Brothers, then it’s actually the Democrats in Congress who will be fighting for their personal interests whether they want to believe it or not:

“… the Right has suddenly…

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Under the Mountain Bunker

Economic growth for the Q4 GDP was down -0.1%. Why? Because government spending dropped. Steve Benen explains:

So why did we see slight contraction in the GDP? In large part because spending cuts — federal, state, and local — shaved more than a full percentage point off GDP growth. I realize the right doesn’t want to hear or believe this, but when Washington spends far less — in this case, the cuts focused on defense — it takes capital out of the economy and undermines growth. It is, as a practical matter, a form of austerity, which helps hit the brakes on the economy. This is Economics 101 and yet Republicans continue to insist that it is the only policy they really care about. It’s something to keep in mind as the Beltway’s preoccupation with debt reduction, not the recovery, continues unabated. It’s also a reminder that the automatic sequestration cuts may…

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The Snark Who Hunts Back

The president has taken to pretending that amendments 2, 5 and 10 do not exist. I think I should expect to start quartering soldiers any day now.

Not only that, but Obama and Al Gore have both been whining so much about people exercising their 1st amendment rights, that even CNN has taken a notice and asked them to please shut up.

Also Obama thought that we would just roll over and play dead just because he asked us not to photoshop a picture of him.

Let me think about that.

Nope, not gonna happen.

I have the sinking feeling that all of Obama’s whining about the “right wing media” is just his way of putting the 1st amendment on notice.

Ronald Reagan once said “Man is not free unless government is limited” and this has never been shown more easily than by this memo from the Justice Department (the…

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“MoveOn.org ad against McCain: “Bomb Iran” song”

Today, keep a watchful eye on the sky.  🙂

US Drones Cartoon #8


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The Boy Scouts of America has decided to delay its vote on a proposal to allow local troops to decide whether to allow openly gay members and leaders. The organization said it needs more time to get input from its members. The vote will now be held in May.

“After careful consideration and extensive dialogue within the Scouting family, along with comments from those outside the organization, the volunteer officers of the Boy Scouts of America’s National Executive Board concluded that due to the complexity of this issue, the organization needs time for a more deliberate review of its membership policy,” the Scouts said in a statement.

Until a vote is taken, it appears the organization will continue its ban on gay Scouts and Scout leaders.

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“President Obama on the Need for a Balanced Approach to Deficit Reduction”


MORE ACTION NEEDED: No Labels Co-Founder Dave Walker says that No Budget, No Pay is a step in the right direction but having a five-day workweek in Washington can bring even more accountability and solutions back to the capital. “According to the House calendar, it only plans to be in session during 2013 for 49.5 percent of weekdays … It’s outrageous that at a time when our nation’s finances are in such disarray, and the clock is ticking on our potential debt bomb, our elected officials are taking ‘spring breaks’ and a week off for every federal holiday instead of focusing full time on the task at hand,” he writes: David Walker forPOLITICO: No budget, no pay – no deal, no break


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