“Armed & Extremely Dangerous(1973)”

God bless victims of the current storms.

(Global warming.  I’m just saying…)

Cartoon: Women in Combat #6


Cartoon: Women in Combat #5


Cartoon: Women in Combat #4


Cartoon: Women in Combat #3


cartoon: Women in Combat #2


Cartoon: Women in Combat #1


This Just In

Elizabeth Frazier grabbed the last bottles of water in sight, then left the store.

“It’s a zoo in there,” she said. “There’s nothing left on the shelves,” the Reading, Massachusetts, resident told CNN affiliate WHDH.

A gathering snowstorm is driving droves of New Englanders into shops to seize up the last supplies, then dash home to stock their cupboards, baton down the hatches and brace for a potentially long haul. Its icy rage will commence Friday afternoon, the National Weather Service predicts, and will last into Saturday.

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This Just In

Rupert Murdoch’s British newspaper publisher News International settled 144 lawsuits over phone hacking on Friday.

High Court officials did not announce the names the people involved or the amount of the settlements.

Seven cases were not settled and will go to trial in June.

Friday’s settlements were the second group of suits to be settled by News International after a widespread scandal around the hacking of
celebrities, politicians, victims of crime and others by people working for Murdoch tabloids.

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