“Seth MacFarlane’s Best and Worst Oscar Moments”



Mark Davis/Getty Images

With “Family Guy” and “Ted” under his belt, we knew Seth MacFarlane was going to be over-the-top in his Oscar hosting gig.

No one was off limits when it came to MacFarlane’s jokes. He took jabs at Daniel Day-Lewis, Rihanna and Chris Brown, and George Clooney, among others.

But MacFarlane’s hosting job got mixed reviews from viewers at home.

“When Daniel Day-Lewis tells better jokes in 3 minutes than Seth MacFarlane does in 3 hours, you know it’s been a great #oscars,” one viewer tweeted after Day-Lewis took home the Oscar for Best Actor.

“Seth MacFarlane is effn’ awesome as the Oscars host, bring him back for 2014! #Oscars #host #hilarious,” another tweeted.   FULL  ARTICLE