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By  (@alyssanewcomb)

March 3, 2013

A top cardinal who resigned last week amid sexual abuse allegations issued an apology today and said there have been times his sexual conduct “has fallen below the standards expected of me as a priest, archbishop and cardinal.”

Cardinal Keith O’Brien, 74, the former Archbishop of St. Andrews and Edinburgh, resigned last week following published reports that he made unwanted sexual advances toward four priests in Scotland in the 1980s.

O’Brien has been accused of committing “inappropriate acts” in his relations with three priests and one former priest from the diocese of St. Andrews and Edinburgh, British newspaper The Observer reported last Sunday.



Political Impasse: Cartoon #1


“Dennis Rodman: Kim Jong Un Wants President Obama to ‘Call Him’

By Kari Rea

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Mar 3, 2013 9:32am
In his first interview since returning to the U.S. from an unprecedented visit to North Korea last week, former NBA star Dennis Rodman said he bears a message for President Obama from the country’s oppressive leader, Kim Jong Un.

“He wants Obama to do one thing: Call him,” Rodman told ABC’s George Stephanopoulos on “This Week.” “He said, ‘If you can, Dennis – I don’t want [to] do war. I don’t want to do war.’ He said that to me.”

The athlete also offered Kim some diplomatic advice for potential future talks with President Obama.

“[Kim] loves basketball. And I said the same thing, I said, ‘Obama loves basketball.’ Let’s start there,” Rodman said.

Rodman’s comments come just days after the basketball star shocked the world with an unexpected trip to Pyongyang, North Korea, becoming the first known American to publicly meet with the mysterious Kim since he assumed command of the totalitarian nation after the death of his father, Kim Jong-Il in 2011.

The young leader has defied U.N. sanctions by continuing to develop North Korea’s nuclear arms and missile program, which he says is aimed at the U.S.

Kim is often regarded as one of the world’s most oppressive leaders, presiding over prison camps and allowing millions of his own people to starve.

Rodman likely now has more firsthand impressions of Kim than any other American. He offered some insight to Kim’s personality this morning.

“He loves power. He loves control,” Rodman said, of his new “friend.” “But guess what? He doesn’t want war. That’s one thing he doesn’t want.”




Speaker John Boehner has run on empty for years.  When he took the gavel from Nancy Pelosi,  he said that ‘the mission of the GOP will be jobs.’  He did not support the President’s American Jobs Act and passed no bill that became law and created the millions of jobs forecast by the Congressional Budget Office.  Instead Republicans focused on social issues as they usually do when they have no answers:  Contraception. Planned Parenthood. Abortion. Gay Marriage. Catholic Church. Why doesn’t John Boehner do something about infrastructure and education which need his urgent attention?  Why does he keep running the US House like it was a part-time job?  Surely no other employees get so much ‘vacation’ as Speaker Boehner gives members of the House no matter what grave issues are at play in the nation’s business.  Under the 112th Congress the American people and the media cried out “Congress is broken” and rated it as poor (11% approval rating). While the current Congress only has a record of two months,  John Boehner inspires no confidence that the 113th Congress has any intention of governing after Republicans lost their 4 year war “to make President Obama a one-term president.” [Senator Mitch McConnell]

Yes, Barack Obama won a second term and now is polling high.  Congress continues to poll low.  Republicans whine, “Obama wants a conquest,” as if the party of the right has ownership of the right to be right.  Our Democratic president is using the political capital that comes with winning.  This is a good thing.  The people will see it play out for their good.  One has hope after hearing Republicans have no plans to shut the government down later this month.





Stop Voting for Republicans

A Little Tour in Yellow

My parents were good people, but they might have let sleep with used dry cleaning bags and eat lead paint.  I can’t say for sure.  But even a guy dropped on his head a few too many times can see that voting for Republicans is a bad idea.

Never mind that the GOP openly declares a war on America, pitting “makers” against “takers.”  (That’s you, Grandma, you miserable leech. And thanks for the cookies.)

designallI won’t name names, but I  hope no one has forgotten the GOP presidential debates already or the goofy things some people say about race, Muslims, pregnancy, and such.  Shut it down!

We are not shutting down this ignorance.  Just the opposite.  We are supporting it.  Tell me, since when is it a good idea to ignore fact and history to the point of wanting to restore a more desperate era 100 years in our…

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During Sequestration Congress Should NOT Get Paid

The Militant Negro™


By Jueseppi B.






Here’s an idea….until this sequestration mess is resolved, members of BOTH Houses of Congress should NOT be paid a salary that comes from the pockets of tax paying Americans, who are not being served by this do jack shit 113th Congressional body.


THAT is just common sense.


My hat’s off to Rep.Tammy Duckworth of the great state of Illinois, and here’s why:


Rep. Diane Russell,


When I first ran for office, I was a college-educated, debt-laden cashier at Colucci’s, the neighborhood convenience store, in Portland, Maine.  I still work there one night a week when I’m not in session or busy with my marketing career. I know what’s like to leave work late at night with aching feet, and to wonder how I’m going to make it until the next paycheck.


If I…

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Pentagon: Cuts Could Hamper Ability To Invade Countries For No Reason : The New Yorker

Ye Olde Soapbox

The Borowitz Report


MARCH 3, 2013





WASHINGTON (The Borowitz Report)—The spending cuts mandated by the sequester may hamper the United States’s ability to invade countries for absolutely no reason, a Pentagon spokesman warned today.

The Pentagon made this gloomy assessment amid widespread fears that the nation’s ability to wage totally optional wars based on bogus pretexts may be in peril.

“Historically, the United States has stood ready and able to throw billions of dollars at a military campaign with no clear rationale or well-defined objective,” said spokesman Harland Dorrinson. “Our capacity to wage war willy-nilly is now in jeopardy.”

In the past, Mr. Dorrinson said, the Pentagon has had the resources to fight three meaningless and completely random wars at any given time, “but now in our planning meetings we are cutting that…

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